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Patient & Community Centred Care Framework

Patient and community centred care is about treating a person receiving healthcare with dignity and respect, involving them in all decisions about their health and understanding and working with the community to address the social determinants of health. Designing health and hospital care around the needs of patients and the community is the only way to achieve value-based healthcare.

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Rural and remote communities require different health service approaches compared to major cities and regional centres. Residents in major cities and regional centres typically have access to a wide variety of health and hospital services, and specialist care, in close proximity to where they live and are generally well-supported to navigate their service needs.  Rural and remote communities rely solely on general practice, which also services the medical needs of  the local hospital, as a central axis for coordination of care across health and human services.  The RARMS Health Equity Framework maps how RARMS general practice utilises its place within the community to stregthen community health literacy, plan for community needs and improve the health care experience and outcomes for rural, remote and Indigenous people.

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