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Delivering. Quality.


Rural and Remote Australians has ensured that more than 20,000 Australians living in rural and remote communities have been able to receive 24/7 access to local health and medical services for the last 20 years.

RARMS has the experience, knowledge and staff to support any community, government or organisation to access high quality on-ground, telehealth or mobile care anytime, anywhere.

We were established by a dedicated groups of rural GPs, local councils, Aboriginal Medical Services and community members, with the support of the NSW and Commonwealth Governments of Australia, who decided that the pathway to good community health relied on community leadership.

RARMS is regularly approached by community members and organisations to provide help in addressing ongoing doctor shortages, the decline of hospital services and poor health outcomes in the community.
We believe that the solution to community health concerns lies in community leadership , education, action and planning (LEAP). We encourage all communities to 'Take the LEAP' towards better health care and outcomes for rural and remote Australia.
If you have a specific set of problems you need addressed, or just want to chat about how a community can get engaged with creating sustainable health services and better health outcomes, we are always here to talk.  
How we can help
The reasons why RARMS is trusted by governments and communities include:
A Track Record of Success

We have a long track-record of success in the effective delivery of rural and remote health and hospital services. We know that rural, remote and Indigenous healthcare carries high risk and significant potential transaction costs for governments if the model is not right for a community. For 20 years RARMS has successfully sustained and grown rural and remote health and hospital capacity with the support of our communities in some of the most difficult locations in Australia.


Holistic approach

At RARMS, we are focussed on delivering holistic outcomes that extend beyond simply supplying workforce or telehealth access to embrace improvements in community health, addressing social determinants and whole of system reductions in costs. 

Clinical Quality

Rural, remote and Indigenous healthcare needs are complex and multifaceted requiring an expert understanding of the clinical and cultural context.  Our services are supported by ongoing AGPAL accreditation and a high-level Clinical Governance system staffed by rural and remote health experts including academics and senior clinicians. Our medical and nursing credentialing process ensures that we only engage experienced and highly-qualified professionals that have a passion for, and deep experience in, rural, remote and Indigenous health supported by high quality training and development.


Trust is central to the ability to deliver results on the ground, and to respond to rapidly changing circumstances and bring communities along with us.  RARMS's success is built on its ability to develop and grow collaborative relationships with GPs, hospital, health services and local communities.  Rural and remote health ecosystems are highly inter-dependent and can be easily disrupted or undermined without careful consideration of the impact of service design on established providers and community health.  Our 'collaborate not compete' outlook has ensured we are to bring existing GPs, pharmacies and communities  together to support the delivery of local solutions.


Innovative Solutions

We are agile and responsive.  We know that no two rural and remote communities are alike, and tailor our responses and programs to the needs of specific communities and stakeholders.  This reduces the risk to government of clinical errors, poor utilisation or political risks that impact on government and departmental reputations.


Patient needs are at the heart of everything we do. We understand the dynamics of rural, remote and indigenous communities, and have advanced skills and cultural competencies to successfully build partnerships with local communities and our patients to achieve transformative results.



Rural and remote health is a dynamic and challenging environment. With 20 years working in rural and remote communities, we have the experience and skills to deliver the right solution, and to bring communities along with us during implementation.  We have the partnerships within the sector to meet any need including mobile clinics, mobile hospitals, medical evacuations and retrievals, allied health and a range of other health services.


We see rural and Indigenous health as an opportunity

No matter how remote, difficult or complex the environment we can and do provide healthcare solutions.

We are rural

Our key point of differentiation is that we are rural.  We work and live in rural and remote communities giving RARMS staff a superior understanding of the different needs of communities, the local drivers of health and the trust of communities.

We are Not for Profit

Everything we generate goes back into improving rural, remote and Indigenous health and hospital services.  Its that simple.

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